Monday, June 9, 2014

The Latest Marketing Videos that Sell

Some call them whiteboard videos and others call them explainer videos. You may have seen them; a hand with a marker drawing images and text on a surface that looks like a whiteboard. Although this style of video originated in the UK, over here in the U.S., the package deliver service UPS used it many years ago to explain why their customers should use them for all of their package delivery.


Whiteboard videos like this one above are examples of some of those that I've created for organizations that want to attract donors, volunteers and supporters.  In less than 2 minutes I was able to put together key points about what the organization does and who it does it for.  Adults today have very little time to focus on one thing and a quick video like this one helps organizations to get the message across quickly.  They also make good book trailers, such as the one below.

I created the video above for a company that is launching it's first book.  This book trailer creates motivation to go looking for their new book before it ever becomes available.  Notice how the music, paired with the right phrases and images can invoke emotion that speaks to those who might be interested in buying this book.  Other whiteboard marketing videos may attempt to persuade you to come into their facility like the one below.

Whiteboard videos can take as little as 1 - 2 hours for me to put together, once the client sketches out the script and the decides on the images.  Contact me if you'd like me to create a whiteboard video for your company or organization to add to your Web 2.0 marketing plan.  Email me at to learn more.  Want to test drive this software yourself?  CLICK HERE to visit the company website and give it a try.