Saturday, April 4, 2015

Marketing Fails: How Many Have You Seen?

To the owner of the billboard I pass on the highway each week: "USE A FONT SIZE I CAN READ!" Every time I see a billboard with a giant ad with too many words, in a light colored font, and in a font size I can't read, I feel sorry for that advertiser knowing how much money they are losing. This is all because motorists don't have enough time (nor a magnifying glass in the car) to read the print.

But wait, it's not the motorist's responsibility to read the print, it's the advertiser's responsibility to create an ad that everyone can see! I love the large billboards that have just 1 - 5 big bold words, even if they don't make sense. Each time I pass it, I look a little bit closer to try and determine what the ad is for. But ones in tiny, pastel colors don't get an extra glance.

I learned this lesson and I hope you do to; make sure that your prospects can read the print on your ads. Don't assume they can just because you like how it turned out. I reminds me of the unconscious business presenters who create Power Point slides with intricate diagrams or lists, and then stand there and read from the slide.

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